Mini’s Room – A tour of the nursery

One of the most enjoyable elements of expecting has been the transformation that has occurred in the small room at the end of the hallway that we used to hang our washing out in.

This has now become ‘Mini’s Room’ a phrase that is gloriously shouted upon every entry – How long before that gets old.

Sourcing, building and collating different products and colour schemes has been great fun. At the risk of sounding like a softy (lads lads lads) it does give you a warm feeling inside when you are kitting out a room for your little one, despite the fact you know full well they won’t be in it for a while.

We are planning to try and use the nursery as a ‘nap’ space from fairly early on to get them used to the fact they have their own room. So we wanted to have everything in place before birth, plus we are going to be knackard once they arrive, so best to be prepared.

I luuuuuuuuve a gadget (AppleWatch is a godsend for the football scores 🙂 ) so a few we have so far are:

  • GroEgg – having a July baby one of our big worries is about overheating. This little gaget acts as a visual room thermometer, thus giving us that peace of mind we will crave as new parents.
  • Angelcare Video Monitor – currently being ‘tested’ as a walkie talkie 🙂
  • Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine – Mrs R is planning on Breastfeeding but found this on gumtree at a cut price, so got it just in case. (In my eyes it is a Nespresso for mini, like George Clooney I love ours so surely Mini will love theirs *if needed)
  • Medela Swing Breast Pump – less for me and more for Mrs R, but does allow me to play more of an active role in feeding. Something I am very keen to do for 2 reasons, 1. give Mrs R a break and 2. build that bond with Mini.
  • Light box – found via the cool mummas that run Hip Little People in Brizzle – not really a gadget but good to write silly messages on.

Other non-gadget additions to the wash room Mini’s Room are:

  • John Lewis Cot bed – (always read the build instructions or you do it twice… duhhh)
  • Ikea shelving unit – boring but practical – see above with regards to reading instructions…
  • Milk Collective rattle – saw this on Instgram and just loved it!
  • Handmade blackout curtains – isn’t it great when a window isn’t a standard size, thanks David Wilson, you are a top gent.
  • Various soft toys, – Francios from Tin lid in Bermondsey is currently warming the cot/keeping guard. Isn’t he brilliant!

Once Mini has arrived I will do a blog on those items that we used the most, and those that were completely redundant and found their way to gumtree.

Do you have a favourite item, or a tip for making the most from a Nursery? We would love to hear them.




*none of the shizzle in this post was sponsored (we wish! babies are expensive and it hasn’t even arrived yet), all found by us and bought with our hard earned reddies…

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