Things to include in the Hospital Bag…

So, 5 weeks to go and it is time we start pulling together the Hospital Bag, you know, just in case!

The title says, bag (singular) but in fact we will probably end up with bags (plural), if anybody has ever been on a weekend away or holiday with us you know we don’t do light packing. However in this case I can see some logic.

The bags we will be launching into the back of a fully-fueled (I pray it is) Astra are:

  1. Bag for mum/dad
  2. Bag for baby

Now, this subject seems to dominate much ‘chatter’ among NCT groups, other parents and of course online, so I thought I would shove my two pennies worth in, however I am going to focus on the all important stuff for the dads/birth partner… for the mum list take a looksey here

Our bag is a very manly flower print… I did try to suggest we buy a new Farah bag but got over-ruled, flowery it is! 🙂

Mini’s new bag can be seen as the header photo, think the fact i am not allowed new stuff but they are is something I will have to get used too.

Farah Bag


Mum Bag


So we have the flowery bag, tick, what of my stuff will I include:

  • Nike Roshe Runs, without a doubt the most comfortable shoes I own. I am anticipating a lot of nervous walking up and down. *other comfy shoes are available.
  • A fresh T-shirt and underwear, nobody wants BO all up in their grill as they are pushing…
  • Iphone  – just be careful you aren’t whatsappin’ the lads about the Euro’s at the vital moment
  • Camera – snap happy, not perhaps at the business end however.
  • Book – yep they do still exist
  • Chargers for said electrical’s
  • Snacks and Drinks – both sweet and savoury – for me that means any excuse to eat a truck full of crisps….
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush – see previous comment about BO….
  • Copy of the birthplan – think of it as the tactics board, The special one would never leave home without it.
  • Money / change for the car park

Think we might need another bag….

Dads/Mums/Birth Partners have I missed any must have’s?

Anything you took but wish you hadn’t?

3 thoughts on “Things to include in the Hospital Bag…

  1. Nice bag.

    I think you forgot:
    – more snacks and drinks
    – energy drinks
    – flapjack/cereal bars
    – food
    – water

    Yes. There is a theme.

    Seriously, labour can last a long time and you’ll need a LOT of energy. The hospital’s best offer is tea and toast. Which is a bit like being greeted at the finish line of the London Marathon by someone saying “Well done, here’s a cup of water and a rich tea biscuit.”

    Crisps won’t cut it – as much as you may be a savoury-snack lover – you’ll need high-calorie, slow-burn energy and lots of it. Stuff that will fill you up and keep you going.

    Caffeinated energy drinks also good for you – but not so much for your partner. You could be up for three days straight (or you could be in for 6 hours and that’s it).


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