Watergate Bay – The perfect staycation

Last week the better half and I went on our last holiday before the arrival of Mini, we wanted to go somewhere we knew was going to be special and relaxing. Thus we thought of only one place; – Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, so we packed up the car for the 4 hour drive. 

We have been to Watergate Bay once before, and the fact we didn’t have 1. a baby and 2. a dog we felt like the odd one’s out, so we opted for the baby and made our return, albeit without it actually being born. No plans on the dog just yet!

Our absolute focus for the holiday was to relax, eat good food and generally enjoy each others company while it was still just the two of us in our ‘team’. I have since learnt this type of holiday is called a ‘babymoon’.

Watergate Bay_-9

View from the beach…

We are fairly big foodies so we stayed on the ‘Taste the Bay package which entitled us to a meal in each of the 3 different restaurants, Zacry’s, Jamie Oliver Fifteen Cornwall and The Beach Hut. We were feeling greedy so we added an extra night Dinner bed and Breakfast. Talking of Breakfast, my word it is the nuts – Waffle irons to make your own and the best scrambled eggs I have ever tasted. To be honest all the food was excellent, a couple of highlights being the Turbot at Jamie’s, and the Brownie at the Beach Hut!

The hotel is perfectly split into different ‘zones’, they all have a different feel and atmosphere, so you can move around and feel like you are in a different hotel all together. For example the ‘swim club’ has the pool, gym, treatment rooms and the most brilliant lounge area with sofas etc – think of your lounge with a bar and a sea view… if of course your lounge doesn’t already have those things, ours doesn’t – no sea in Swindon.

The living space is the informal bar and eating area with a balcony over-looking the beach. The Gin and Tonic selection is out of this world! – much to the annoyance of Mrs R, I sampled a fair few. Seeing former Liverpool assistant boss and now Saints assistant Sammy Lee, supping Gins on the balcony, made up for it in her eyes though (she is a big Liverpool fan).

The other areas are Zacry’s restaurant, events space (handily set-up for table tennis and pool for Mrs R and I to get our competitive juices flowing) *it still counts as a win even if she is preggers right?!* and the kids club.

We stayed in room 7, it had a brilliant little alcove with massive chairs to sit, read tweet and look at the sea. The hotel also works in partnership with Joules so all the staff are dressed to impress and they provide an added extra and high class in the bedrooms:

I am an active little begger, so for me part of relaxing was to get out and try new things including the surf lesson I had with Pete from the Extreme Academy on site, brilliant fun delivered by a very patient (and massively tall) instructor and I even managed to stand up!


Surfs up…

Whilst I was out thrashing about on a 9ft piece of foam, Mrs R was having a pregnancy massage in the Swim Club. She came out feeling very relaxed and raving about how good it was. She has had a few throughout the last 7 months and knows what she wants…

Verdict – if you hadn’t guessed I love this place, yes, it is not cheap, but all in all they do everything so well and I would highly recommend checking it out. For the same experience abroad you would be paying an awful lot more. We will certainly be returning with Mini in tow. It was packed with families, all looking like they were loving it!

Do you have any staycation recommendations?

Britain is great lets share it!

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words so below are a selection from our stay to give you a flavour of the area:

Watergate Bay_

Sunset over the ‘after-work’ surf brigade

Watergate Bay_-10

Mrs R and Mini!

Watergate Bay_-13

North end of the beach

Watergate Bay_-12

You won’t get board…

Watergate Bay_-8

Wetsuit fashion show…

Watergate Bay_-7

Inside Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen


G&T heaven…


View from the living space

2 thoughts on “Watergate Bay – The perfect staycation

  1. Hi Dave,
    Sound like you, Eve and Mini had a great ‘babymoon’. Thank you for the lovely review. We are delighted that you experienced the hotel exactly how we want our guests (with or without mini’s, with or without dogs) to find us. And, you got chance to jump in the sea. We’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and hopefully we will see you all again soon.


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