What is a Birth Plan

Now we are getting closer to our birth I thought I would explore what exactly is a birth plan.

When the mid-wife started talking to us about birth planning, I assumed we would be given a form to fill out that highlighted our preferences for birth in the various different categories the medical professionals would be interested in.

Nope, no form, you have to come up with your own… well what do we do now, well you do what most people do and google…. and like normal on google you have a whole load of choice – some might say too much…

Interestingly once Mrs R and I got chatting about the type of birth we wanted we had very similar ideas, which was handy – you will see a clear nod to #Hypno #Hypno

Following the google exercise, we used what we found to develop our own little template and duly filled it out – we are of the complete knowledge this might get launched off the second floor of the GWH as a paper areoplane the minute we arrive, but good to have a plan right! I have put the template at the bottom, please feel free to use it.

Was I the only naive one that thought you would get a form to fill out? What are your birth plan experiences? Did it go to plan for you?

Birth Partner Who the birthing partner will be, in this case it is me!
Approach to birth Your views on Birth, for example we will be including the fact we have done a Hypno course and would appriciate some sympathy in word choice etc.
Atmosphere Include where you ideally want to have your baby (birth centre, ward, etc) and then how you would like that enviroment to feel:
* To have an environment of peace and calm
* To have subdued lighting in the room
* To bring a CD player and have soft music playing in the background (if needed)
Monitoring Views on type and regulairty of monitoring
Intervention Views on approach to intervention techniques and induction, we will be including a line around communicating these:
* If there is a need for intervention, introduction of any medical procedure we request that we are kept fully informed and consulted before it takes place and ideally kept to a minimum.
Birthing Highlight your wishes around post birth/delivery choices e.g:                                       * I would like to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with the baby.
* Delay of clamping & cutting the cord?
* Placenta delivery choice?
* Vernix to be absorbed into the baby’s skin or cleaned?
* To have bonding time before weighing, measuring, etc
* Baby to be given Vitamin K?
Tears Obviously everybody wants to avoid this, but we have included this section to highlight some thoughts should it occur, for example approach to anaesthtic
Feeding Highlight your plans around breastfeeding or not so midwives are aware
General Anything and anything else….

3 thoughts on “What is a Birth Plan

  1. Hello – sadly, my birth plan of relaxed, no intervention, pool birth went completely out of the window when i had to be induced, which left me in a hormonal 9 month pregnant crying wreck! So, if i have a next time, I think I’ll have more than one plan!
    Very best of luck, becoming a parent is the best thing ever!
    Laura 🙂


  2. Wow there are so many things on there I never considered before or even knew about now afterwards..like clamping and vitamin K. Its lovely how you are planning it together…I wrote quite a loose birth plan with hypno birthing and pool…the midwives were very respectful of it until I had to go into emergency theatre, I think a birth plan is great as long as you are flexible and know that the little ones can make there own plans 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG


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