The 3 week countdown

This week represents 3 weeks to go….. 

When we started out on this journey, 9 months seemed like such a long time to wait to meet Mini, but in reality for me they have absolutely flown past. Not sure they are still flying for Mrs R who is increasingly uncomfortable as mini continues to grow and grow, but finishes work next week and is looking forward to putting her feet up and watching the greatest tennis tournament on the face of the Earth – Wimbers. *as long as Mini doesn’t make an appearance before then*

For us 3 weeks means it is prep-central; packing bags, buying extra nappies, mentally preparing ourselves for the change in our lives. Something I have found difficult trying to balance my work travel to ensure I am not too far from home. I travel countrywide with work so have had to make some amends to usual work patterns.

3 weeks to go also sees our final NCT session, overall it has been a really positive thing to do, meeting some like minded couples and learning a whole bunch of new things. I am planning a full review of our NCT experience so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Overall the purpose of this blog post is to say one thing:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek 3 weeks to go!!!

At least the euros is keeping my mind busy…. but then a recent twitter poll indicates on 57% of people I interact with a bothered about the football…

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