The Best Fathers Day Gifts

Today is Fathers Day, and Mrs R considers it suitable for Mini to buy me some presents, despite the fact they are still firmly tucked up inside…  lucky me!!

I have been truly spoilt, those of you that read my previous post around the hospital bag will know that I am into my fashion and bags are a part of this. With this in mind i have been banging on about the Tiba and Marl Elwood backpack  for ages, this is because in my eyes it is the only real gender neutral baby bag on the market.


All the over the shoulder bags don’t go with my perceived style. I see it as a baby version of the black Louis Vuitton backpack; goes with everything, is super cool and very practical. My words must have made an impact as low and behold, Mini has somehow accessed the tinter-web via the womb and ordered it and boy I am not disappointed. The quality is exceptional and has tons of space. Today we have loaded the hospital bags ready for the final two week wait and the Elwood has become the bag for my stuff, happy days!

Elwood Backpack


I also received some new threads to wear with my back pack, in the form of the PAPA sweatshirt from the good people at Selfish Mother.

The PAPA Sweatshirt is brilliant, 85% organic cotton with £15 from every order going to Prostate Cancer UK – who can argue with that!

PAPA sweatshirt


As well as selling top notch threads, they have recently launched father-inc an online community for dads – in the similar theme to Selfish Mother.

The best thing about both gifts are the fact they are from companies with a brilliant ethos of supporting parents be excellent parents whilst maintaining some individuality and style!

I also squeezed in a fry-up at Toro Lounge, Cirencester – a really great spot with an excellent family friendly feel and affordable yet high quality menu.

All in all a pretty top notch Fathers day!


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