1 week to go

So as I pen this Blog post we are 1 week away from due date… 

We have already started to receive the messages ‘any twinges yet’, ‘any movement’ or straight up ‘has the sprog arrived yet’?

In the BonjourMini household we are nothing but excited for their impending arrival; everything is bought, built and washed ready for them to ride in, sleep in and make dirty. We are under no illusion that the first weeks are going to be very difficult as we all look to adapt to the new-normal, no one more so than Mini themselves – I do wonder what babies would say if they could talk….

Now Mrs R has finished work her week is consisting of coffee’s out with her new NCT friends (NCT Dads Whatsapp is a go go as well), relaxing in front of Wimbledon (if you follow me on twitter you will know we love the tennis – something to do with the day job…) and checking we have everything should the process kick off.

I have managed to sort my diary so I am not too far away from home which is great as it is really helping me to relax and not be panicking about being half way up the M1 stuck in traffic when I get the call. Helps keep me sane!!

Mrs R is fast approaching the time that she would just like them to be here, she is feeling very uncomfortable and finding it increasingly difficult to do the simple tasks. Think that is where I come in… #JobsGalore

Despite the fact this is a ‘countdown’ blog we are fully expecting Mini to keep us waiting for longer than the week described above, unless of course England do their usual and make it stressful to bring things along early!


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