Birth Story

Apologies for the absence and lack of blog posts in the last few weeks, Mini arrived on the 13th July and it has been a complete whirlwind since then. This blog covers their journey into the world – not too graphic don’t worry folks! 

So Mini was born on 13th July, early morning – but the build up to the birth actually started on Sunday afternoon, almost straight after Andy Murray and Heather Watson had clinched their Wimbledon titles. Very apt considering what I do for a living!!

Things ramped up a gear at about 2am on the Monday morning, we had a couple of concerns so had called the advice line and they wanted us to go in, so off we went – car packed thinking it was ready to go! All monitored and both Mrs R and Mini were fine. We actually had an induction booked on the Tuesday so the midwife said, ‘oooh you are booked in tomorrow so you can just stay…’ eeeeerrrrr no thanks! She seemed surprised at this but both Mrs R and I thought we would be more comfortable at home, so off we went back home where we stayed until 5pm Tuesday evening – good call I think!

We duly called at 8am Tuesday morning to be given our ‘slot’ – the response, we are really busy on the ward we will call you back later. All the time Mrs R was getting more and more friendly with her Tens machine (a big recommendation from Mrs R) as the contractions developed. They did call back and we were told to arrive for 5pm, we actually made it about 5:30, damn you traffic!

Contractions had been going well, and Mrs R was 4 cm, so the decision was made (by us) to have the waters broken to get things moving. By this point Mini was already 7 days late. So we were told to hold fire and we would be given a slot up on the Delivery Suite when a room became available. I was thinking maybe 30mins/an hour – 6.5 hours later a room was free and up we went!

The breaking of the waters and the drip certainly got things moving and the feeling of excitement was building. Mrs R was doing brilliantly, just using gas and air to get through the contractions and the support from the midwives was first class.

6hours after arriving up on the Delivery Suite, we had reached the pushing stage – Mrs R was remaining clam and relaxed as she was doing everything she could to bring Mini into the world, however they wouldn’t quite make an appearance so again the decision was taken by us to use the ventouse to give them a helping hand. At which point the medical team swooped into gear like a well drilled unit and Mini was born!

Despite Mrs R’s first comment of ‘its a boy’ we actually have a beautiful girl Mini!! I thought it was a girl all the way through the pregnancy and couldn’t be happier!

As you will (yes, you will have!) read we had done some hypnobirthing in the build up to the birth. The hypnobirth birthing techniques were invaluable during the two days we spent at home while Mrs R was having contractions. It made her calm and I don’t think we would have made the decision to return home after the initial check without the confidence she would cope.

We were keen to go to the Birthing Centre rather than the Delivery Suite based on everything we had been told about how medical it would be but in terms of the Delivery Suite, they couldn’t have been nicer – the room was big, comfortable with relaxing lighting and music playing. Nothing like we had been told (maybe NCT need to look at plan B in a bit more detail…). The midwifery care across our entire stay was second to none. Both I and Mrs R actually found the fact extra medical professionals were on hand very reassuring rather than daunting. At every point a decision was to be made it was left to us to make it. No pressuring whatsoever. Mrs R did the entire birth on gas and air (yep she is as hard as nails) and at no point was pethidine or an epidural suggested or recommended as it was on our birth plan that we did not want these.

All in all a very empowering experience and I am in complete awe of Mrs R and the way she handled everything. We have never been so happy!

As we settle into life as a team of 3 I will get my blogging mojo back and do a few regular updates!

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