As snug as a bug in a rug…

As a new Dad, sleep is something that you don’t expect to receive much of, so Mrs R and I were keen to do anything we could to gain a slight advantage in this area. Cue a google search ‘helping your baby sleep’… Wow it is a massive minefield with pods, cribs and baskets galore! 

Having reviewed options we decided to spend our hard earned reddies on the simple moses basket option. However we were a bit concerned about managing the temperature of Mini without them kicking off and covering themselves with various ‘celly’ blankets, some of the stories you hear are not worth thinking about. That is when we came across the GroSnug, a cool bit of kit that allows swaddling and covering without the need for lose blankets and sheets.


So far Mini has loved their Moses and after 4 weeks is now going up to 5 hours between feeds at night – giving us the bit of shut eye we need. I think a large part of that is the fact the she associated the GroSnug and low lighting of the room as bedtime. happy days!

The GroSnug is very well made, with zip coverings to easily zip Mini’s in for their night time snooze without the worry of them rubbing against the zip.

We haven’t actually used the swaddling function as our Mini loves sleeping with her hands above her hand – full gun show position, but the poppers on the sleeves means you can easily switch between swaddling and not.

This little vid gives you a bit more information on the GroSnug.

The good people at the Gro Company sent me a Grosnug to try with Mini for the purpose of this post, they are the people behind the Grobag, GroEgg and Gro Anywhere blind. to see all the gear they produce please visit 

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