Things the baby books don’t tell you…

Mini has now hit the magical 3 months; you know the time that all the books tell you that they will get up do a little jig, drive the car to the shops and fetch a beer from the fridge but before all that starts to happen I have shared my thoughts on a few things that the books didn’t tell me….

So after being born on a Wednesday, by the Friday we were a family of 3 at home enjoying our ‘new normal’ and then it hit me, like a mallet from a crap 90’s TV show, BOOM – we were on our own and responsible for looking after this little person. We had gone from having the excellent support of midwives on tap to relying on Siri and Google…. (which by the way say everything is really bad – thank you for that mumsnet threads…)

Enough rambling, on to the list of stuff nobody told me 3 months ago…

  1. You worry about everything…… everything….. yes I mean everything
  2. Their eyes roll back into their head when they are falling asleep as if they have over done the sambuca shots at the works Christmas bash… see point number 1…
  3. You struggle to switch off – I spent about 2/3 weeks of waking up at night cradling a pillow and walking the room thinking I had hold of Mini  (I still occasionally do it now…) #panic #IAmAnOddball
  4. It takes approx 4 hours longer than it used to, to leave the house… #AreYouReadyYet
  5. Nappies don’t always hold it all in…. #Poonarmi
  6. Minis wake up when they smell food, in fact just as you sit down for dinner… eating in shifts has become a thing #witchinghour
  7. If you have three beers over a BBQ with Nanny and Grandad, at the 3am change/feed – you feel like that time you got back from two weeks on the razzle in Kavos.  #18to30 #32TooOldForThat
  8. You need to improve your maths – (gaps between feeds, times between nappy changes etc) – when you are tired even simple arithmetic is a challenge – Thank you Steve Jobs for the Iphone calculator
  9. Me going back to work was hard on Mrs R, but also I found the feeling of ‘missing out’ and ‘not being aorund to support’ difficult and continue to do so.
  10. There is a million different ways of doing things and people tell you their way is best – however do what you feel is right and crack on! #WinningAtParenting
  11. Nothing prepares you for the annoyance you feel when a stranger calls your lovely little girl, a boy… not sure why but it really gets me #SHEISAGIRL
  12. Children’s clothes are sexist #BoysAreHeros #GirlsOnlyHaveHeroMaleFigures
  13. You can never have too many pictures of your Mini
  14. Mini is now the boss of the house… I have been bumped well down into third

Mrs R and I are absolutely loving being parents, yes it is tough, but boy is it rewarding, everything is absolutely worth it when they greet you with the biggest smile!

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