BonjourMini Visits – Watergate Bay

We recently took Mini on their first visit to Cornwall, for this occasion it simply had to be; Watergate Bay – a place that technically Mini had already had the pleasure of staying when they were inside but this time would be different…

As part of ‘BonjourMini visits’, the video below gives a real favour of quite what an amazing place this is and the fun we got up too.

It is save to say that Watergate Bay does not disappoint on any aspect, the food is top notch (both in the Living Space for families or Zachry’s once Mini’s are in bed and being watched via the most excellent monitoring system!), the pool is perfect for little ones (and bigger ones) and the bay is something people would travel the world for.

If you haven’t been, I suggest you do.

BonjourMini Verdict = Highly Recommend!!

If you would like ‘BonjourMini’ to come and visit your hotel, restaurant or activity please just drop me a line.


*as always BonjourMini gives their honest opinion, BonjourMini paid for the experience at Watergate Bay.

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